Dream Center


UndocuMentorship Program

Mission Statement

The Dream Center's UndocuMentorship Program will support the efforts of the Dream Center in building a sense of belonging and community at Cal Poly and creating a space for undocumented students. Students will have the opportunity to strengthen their leadership skills by empowering one another through this program and become a part of a larger network. 


Community: Students will be able to find a sense of community and belonging as they establish bonds with their mentors and get support as they navigate through their academic career at Cal Poly. 

Leadership: Students have the opportunity to hone their leadership skills as they support mentees. 

Network: Students will find a network through their community and learn more about resources that the Dream Center and Cal Poly has to offer. 

Application Process 

We are currently accepting applications for the UndocuMentorship Program. 

Applicants will be contacted for the interview and matching process. Mentors will then be trained and connected with their mentees.

In order to receive the application, contact the Dream Center (dreamcenter@calpoly.edu) or the Dream Center Coordinator, Katherine Zevallos Pastor (kzevallo@calpoly.edu). 

Application Requirements

The UndocuMentorship Program is for students who fall under/identify as the following population(s): 

  • AB 540 recipients 
  • Dream Act recipients 
  • DACA recipients 
  • Undocumented students 
  • Mixed-status families 

Other requirements include: 

  • A minimum GPA of 2.3 and not be on academic probation (mentors) 
  • Letter of recommendation (mentors) 
  • Have the availability and commitment to meet with your mentor/mentee and also attend monthly leadership trainings (mentors) 
  • Be flexible with your mentor/mentee; each mentoring relationship will look different based upon who you are paired with 

As the UndocuMentorship Program continues to grow, some of the requirements and visions we have for the program might be subject to change. Any updates that are made shall be added, highlighted, and dated on the website to ensure that students are kept up-to-date on changes. At the core of our program, we hope and will continue to create a welcoming, accepting, and safe environment at the Dream Center for our students.

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