Dream Center

 Dream Center - Ally Directory

The faculty, staff, and administrators listed below have completed our 4 hour UndocuAlly training series and are committed to inclusivity at Cal Poly by supporting undocumented students in their department.   

Student Affairs

Office of the Vice President

name email Affiliation
Yukie Murphy yumurphy@calpoly.edu Education Research & Communications
Moncerratt Peralta moperalt@calpoly.edu CENG Marketing & Communications
Diego Abeloos dabeloos@calpoly.edu Educational Communications
Keith Humphrey humphrey@calpoly.edu Vice President for Student Affairs

Parent & Family Programs & Commencement

name email title
Ashley  Hussey ahussey@calpoly.edu Lead Marketing Communications Strategist
Jacob  Scott jscott13@calpoly.edu Coordinator
Bailey Hamblin bmhambli@calpoly.edu Lead Coordinator

Campus Health & Wellbeing

name email title
Noelle Kovalevky noellekov@gmail.com Cal-Fresh Outreach Coordinator
Ana Cabezas acabezas@calpoly.edu Diversity & Multicultural Inclusion Coordinator and Counselor
Amelia Comstock-Skipp amcomsto@calpoly.edu Body Project Coordinator and Counselor
Rebecca Gillis rgillis@calpoly.edu Student Athletes Coordinator and Counselor
Kimme Huntington kjhuntin@calpoly.edu Health Education Assistant
Alexandra Kohler akohler@calpoly.edu Assistant Director of CHW
Genie Kim gkim23@calpoly.edu Director of CHW
Jennifer Armstrong jarmst14@calpoly.edu DRC Liaison and Counselor
Mark Haley mahaley@calpoly.edu Physician Assistant
Olivia  Tolten-Lazo otoltanl@calpoly.edu SAFER  Event Coordinator
Alana  Viera mpviera@calpoly.edu PULSE Liason
Grace  Van Kirk gnvankirk@calpoly.edu SAFER  International Center Liason
Claire  Rowland cerowla@calpoly.edu SAFER  Administrator
Camille  Altmann caltmann@calpoly.edu SAFER  Housing/ DOJ Grant
Lindsay  Strawn lstrawn@calpoly.edu SAFER  Graduate Assistant
Jasmin  Othman jkothman@calpoly.edu SAFER  Center for Leadership Liason
Natalie Higgins njhiggin@calpoly.edu SAFER  Americorps
Christine Nelson cinelson@calpoly.edu Health Educator
Shawna Dobson sedobson@calpoly.edu Alcohol and Drug Coordinator and Counselor
Diana Menendez dmenende@calpoly.edu Counselor
Kara Samaniego kasamani@calpoly.edu SAFER Coordinator

Cal Poly Athletics

name email title
Kyle Ross kyross@calpoly.edu Academic Advisor

Career Services

name email title
Krista Burke kburke02@calpoly.edu CAFES Career Counselor
Laura Hunkler lhunkler@calpoly.edu CLA Career Counselor
Travis Raynaud traynaud@calpoly.edu OCOB Career Counselor
Tammy Martin tsmartin@calpoly.edu CENG Counselor
Dale Stoker dstoker@calpoly.edu Employer Relations
Amie Hammond akhammon@calpoly.edu Associate Director
Hannah  Steen hasteen@calpoly.edu Career Counselor
Eileen Buecher ebuecher@calpoly.edu Executive Director

Dean of Students

name email title
Kari Mansager kmansage@calpoly.edu Director of Diversity & Inclusivity Program
Shawnna Smith ssmit183@calpoly.edu Coordinator of Greek Life
Kirsten Vinther kvinther@calpoly.edu Lead Coordinator of Gender Equity Center
Beya Montero mcmonter@calpoly.edu Cross Cultural Centers
Jason Mockford jmockfor@calpoly.edu Director of Leadership & Service
Megan  Rivoire mrivoire@calpoly.edu Center for Leadership & Service  Coordinator
Chip  Neuenschwander rneuensc@calpoly.edu Clubs Assistant Director
Samuel  Byrd sabyrd@calpoly.edu Cross Cultural Centers  Lead Coordinator
Shelby  Bachelder slbachel@calpoly.edu SAFER Advocate
Emily  Garcia egarc128@calpoly.edu Graduate Assistant
Stephen  Busse sbusse@calpoly.edu Graduate Assistant
Bradley Kyker bkyker@calpoly.edu Senior Coordinator of Center for Service in Action
Matthew Armas msarmas@calpoly.edu Off Campus Coordinator
Sarah Hawkins shawkin06@calpoly.edu Club Sports Coordinator
Elizabeth Aiello-Coppola eailloc@calpoly.edu Leadership and Assessment Coordinator

Disability Resource Center

name email title
Lori Waters lawaters@calpoly.edu Access Specialist
John Lee jlee245@calpoly.edu Assistive Technology Specialist
Danielle Johnson djohns04@calpoly.edu Access Specialist

University Housing

Denise Gibbons dagibbon@calpoly.edu Housing Administration Director
Karleyne Binford kbinford@calpoly.edu Housing Administration Second-Year Housing Assignment Supervisor
Tracy Merrick tmerrick@calpoly.edu Housing Administration First-Year Housing Assignment Supervisor
Kate Heinemann kheinema@calpoly.edu Housing Administration Second-Year Housing Assignment Coordinator
Scott Bloom sbloom@calpoly.edu Housing Administration Associate Director
Hunter Simmons hasimmon@calpoly.edu Residential Student Experience Assistant Director
Kenise Adams kadams26@calpoly.edu Residential Student Experience Coordinator of Student Development
Shonna Davis sdavis08@calpoly.edu Residential Student Experience Coordinator of Student Development
Carole Schaffer cschaffe@calpoly.edu Housing Administration Senior Associate Director
Cindy Loza cjloza@calpoly.edu Residential Student Experience Coordinator of Student Development
Juliette  Duke jduke@calpoly.edu Residential Student Experience Coordinator of Student Development
Tina Muller tmuller@calpoly.edu Residential Student Experience Coordinator of Student Development
Daisy  Castaneda dgcastan@calpoly.edu Residential Student Experience Coordinator of Student Development
Valla  Hardy vahardy@calpoly.edu Residential Student Experience Coordinator of Student Development
Catherine  Placencia placenci@calpoly.edu Residential Student Experience Coordinator of Student Development
Kendall  Perez kperez24@calpoly.edu Residential Student Experience Coordinator of Student Development
Mishaal  Barrett mibarret@calpoly.edu Residential Student Experience Coordinator of Student Development
Molly  Fabricatore mfabrica@calpoly.edu Residential Student Experience Coordinator of Student Development
Daniel  Maldonado dmaldo02@calpoly.edu Residential Student Experience Coordinator of Student Development
Sarah  Lasnik slasnik@calpoly.edu Residential Student Experience Coordinator of Student Development
Jonathan  Hart jhart06@calpoly.edu Residential Student Experience Coordinator of Student Development
Rachel  Smith rsmith81@calpoly.edu Residential Student Experience Coordinator of Student Development
Emmy  Passer epasser@calpoly.edu Residential Student Experience Coordinator of Student Development
Kennedy  Barkley kebarkle@calpoly.edu Residential Student Experience Coordinator of Student Development
Serafin  Aguilar saguila25@calpoly.edu Residential Student Experience Coordinator of Student Development
Samuel  Rueda srueda@calpoly.edu Residential Student Experience Coordinator of Student Development
Emalie  Chandras emchandr@calpoly.edu Residential Student Experience Coordinator of Student Development

Student Academic Services

name email affiliation title
Debi Hill dehill@calpoly.edu Administration Assistant Vice President
Judy Holloway jhollowa@calpoly.edu Administration Senior Operations Analyst
Nury Baltierrez nbaltier@calpoly.edu EOP Counselor
Lyzette Martin lmart111@calpoly.edu EOP Counselor
Angela Marino amarin07@calpoly.edu EOP Admissions Associate
Susie Sandstrom sslerma@calpoly.edu Upward Bound Director
Kari Howell khowel02@calpoly.edu CP Scholars Coordinator
Alexis Melville amelvill@calpoly.edu CP Scholars Assistant Director
Nelitza  Morales nmoral07@calpoly.edu TRIO Achievers Coordinator
Katherine Zevallos Pastor kzevallo@calpoly.edu Dream Center Coordinator
Max Estrada mestra23@calpoly.edu Pre-Collegiate Programs Educational Talent Search

Academic Affairs

Academic Programs & Planning

name email Affilitation title
Dawn Janke djanke@calpoly.edu Writing & Rhetoric Center Director
Catherine Trujillo ctrujill@calpoly.edu Library Exhibits and Campus Arts Curator
Briana Martenies bmarteni@calpoly.edu Library External Relations Director
Cheryl May csmay@calpoly.edu Library Director of Access, Operations & Admin Services
Katherine O'Clair koclair@calpoly.edu Library CAFES Librarian
Katie McGuire kmmcguir@calpoly.edu University Advising Retention Advisor- CENG
Charlotte Rinaldi crinaldi@calpoly.edu University Advising Retention Specialist
Gina Salazar glsalaza@calpoly.edu Mustang Success Center Academic Advisor- CP Scholars
Shannon Stephens sgstephe@calpoly.edu Mustang Success Center Director
Carly Head cehead@calpoly.edu University Advising Retention Specialist
Meagan Groom groom@calpoly.edu CAFES Academic Advisor
Lindsay  Lacey lilacey@calpoly.edu Mustang Success Center Academic Advisor
Krysti  Neer kneer@calpoly.edu Mustang Success Center Academic Advisor
Dawin  Whiten dwhiten@calpoly.edu Mustang Success Center Academic Advisor
Maria  Zavala mdzavala@calpoly.edu Mustang Success Center Academic Advisor
Lara  Jimenez ljimin15@calpoly.edu Mustang Success Center Academic Advisor
Rebecca  Richards rricha15@calpoly.edu Mustang Success Center Academic Advisor
Jaime Ding jpding@calpoly.edu Library Digital Publishing Research Fellow
Pam  Dougherty padoughe@calpoly.edu Center for Teaching, Learning & Technology Instructional Designer
Shelly Wolf scwolf@calpoly.edu University Advising Administrative Analyst
Christina Wolfe Chandler crwolfe@calpoly.edu Mustang Success Center Academic Advisor
Heather Domonoske hdomonos@calpoly.edu Transfer Center Transfer Center Coordinator

International, Graduate & Extended Education

name email affiliation title
Judy Mitchell jumitche@calpoly.edu International Center Associate Director for International Students & Scholars
Sara Otis sotis@calpoly.edu International Center Study Abroad Coordinator
Monica Schechter mschecht@calpoly.edu International Center Associate Director for Study Abroad
Nayree Barnett nbarne01@calpoly.edu International Center Study Abroad Advisor
Cari Moore cmoore36@calpoly.edu International Center Director
Azucena Perez azperez@calpoly.edu International Center Administrative Coordinator
Jill Victorino javictor@calpoly.edu International Center Administrative Analyst
Susan Tripp sltripp@calpoly.edu International Center International Student & Scholar Specialist
Helen Louie-Sumser hlouiesu@calpoly.edu Extended Education Operations Support Coordinator
Chuck  Petranek cpetrane@calpoly.edu International Center International Trip Advisor
Sarah Horne schorne@calpoly.edu Graduate Education Progression to Degree (Graduate forms, Cal Poly Policies)

Financial Aid

name email title
Delfina Medina dmedinam@calpoly.edu Financial Aid Counselor
Adrienne Garcia-Specht agarc275@calpoly.edu Financial Aid Counselor
Heather Leis heleis@calpoly.edu Financial Aid Counselor
Christie Ritchey ritchey@calpoly.edu Associate Director
Annie Campbell acampb17@calpoly.edu Student Assistant
Tatiana Mendoza tmendo05@calpoly.edu Financial Aid Counselor
Kathi Good kjgood@calpoly.edu Scholarship Coordinator
Jessica Todd jtodd@calpoly.edu Financial Aid Counselor

Admissions and Recruitment

name email title
Roxana Tunc rtunc@calpoly.edu Assistant Director for International Recruitment & Admission
Aaron Borgeson aborgeso@calpoly.edu Admissions Officer
Mandy Martin amart202@calpoly.edu Admissions Officer
Anna Black-Hogins akblackh@calpoly.edu Admissions Officer
Lita Gallegos lgallego@calpoly.edu Admissions Advisor


name email title
Rachel Johnson rjohns25@calpoly.edu Academic Advisor
Richard Cavaletto rcavalet@calpoly.edu Dean
Dianne Korth dkorth@calpoly.edu Academic Advisor
Cathy  Bartholomew bartholo@calpoly.edu Academic Advisor
Neal MacDougall nmacdoug@calpoly.edu Instructional Faculty
David  Everett dweveret@calpoly.edu Instructional Faculty
Vincent Yeung ckyeung@calpoly.edu Instructional Faculty
Jerusha Greenwood jbgreenw@calpoly.edu Instructional Faculty
Bree Hugins ehugins@calpoly.edu Admin Support Coord
Kari Pilolla kpilolla@calpoly.edu Instructional Faculty
Espie Wilkinson erwilkin@calpoly.edu Admin Support Coord
David  Jones djones44@calpoly.edu Lecturer


name email title
Christine Theodoropoulos theo@calpoly.edu Dean
Mitra Nafisi mnafisi@calpoly.edu Senior Academic Advisor
Julie Zafiratos jzafirat@calpoly.edu Admin Support Coordinator
Cesar Torres ctorresb@calpoly.edu Instructional Faculty
Mark  Cabrinha mcbrinh@calpoly.edu Instructional Faculty
Ellen Burke eburke02@calpoly.edu Instructional Faculty


name email affiliation title
Ashlee Burt amburt@calpoly.edu Advising Center Academic Advisor
Sarah Harding sthardin@calpoly.edu ME Instructional Faculty
Arnold Deffo adeffo@calpoly.edu AERO Intructional Faculty
Greg Roldan groldan@calpoly.edu Advising Center Academic Advisor
Dawn Sirois dsirois@calpoly.edu Advising Center Senior Academic Advisor
David Marshall ddmarsha@calpoly.edu AERO Department Chair
Kir Abercromby kabercro@calpoly.edu AERO Instructional Faculty
Kaveh Kabir kkabir@calpoly.edu AERO Instructional Faculty
Eric Mehiel emehiel@calpoly.edu Student Success and Undergraduate Programs Interim Associate Dean
Kendra Bubert kbubert@calpoly.edu AERO Admin Support Coordinator
Joseph Carpico jcarpico@calpoly.edu AERO Instructional Faculty
Gregg Fiegel gfiegel@calpoly.edu Honor's Program Director
Maria Zavala mzavala@calpoly.edu Advising Center Academic Advisor
Teres Medrano tlmedran@calpoly.edu CSC Admin Analyst/Specialist
Maria Manzano msmanzan@calpoly.edu ENGR Special Programs Director
Jamey Stamets jlstamet@calpoly.edu ENGR Student Affairs Academic Advisor
Kim Marsalek kmarsale@calpoly.edu ENGR Student Affairs Director
Liz Schlemer lschleme@calpoly.edu IME Instructional Faculty
Kathy Chen kcchen@calpoly.edu MATE Instructional Faculty
Jean Lee jlee473@calpoly.edu General ENGR Program Director
Jim Widmann jwidmann@calpoly.edu ME Department Chair
Melinda  Keller mkeller@calpoly.edu ME Lecturer
Andreas  Pyper ppyper@calpoly.edu   Sr. Manager of Personnel
Candy  Janiam gjaniam@calpoly.edu MEP Academic Advisor
Jennife Peuker jpeuker@calpoly.edu ME Instructional Faculty
Meghan Schuler-Jones mcschule@calpoly.edu MEP Academic Advisor
Pauline  Faure pfaure@calpoly.edu AERO Instructional Faculty


name email affiliation title
Alejandra Cebreros alcebrer@calpoly.edu Advising Center Multicultural Academic Advisor
Debra  Valencia-Laver dlvalenc@calpoly.edu Dean's Office Associate Dean
Dave Cohune dcohune@calpoly.edu Advancement Assistant Dean
Sheryl Frisch sfrisch@calpoly.edu ART Visual Resource Specialist
Lisa Kawamura lkawamur@calpoly.edu COMS Instructional Faculty
Megan Lambertz-Berndt lambertz@calpoly.edu COMS Instructional Faculty
Andrea Terry ajterry@calpoly.edu COMS Instructional Faculty
Amy Ward award10@calpoly.edu COMS Instructional Faculty
Penny Bennett pkbennet@calpoly.edu Dean's Office Associate Dean
Krista Smith ksmit143@calpoly.edu Dean's Office Pub Affairs/Comm
Jason Peters jpeter65@calpoly.edu ENGL Instructional Faculty
Roberta Wolfson wolfson@calpoly.edu ENGL Instructional Faculty
Steven Ruszczycky sruszczy@calpoly.edu ENGL Instructional Faculty
Kristin Sanders ksanders@calpoly.edu ENGL Instructional Faculty
Catherine Waitinas cwaitina@calpoly.edu ENGL Instructional Faculty
Sadie Johann samart00@calpoly.edu ENGL Instructional Faculty
Grace Yeh gyeh@calpoly.edu ES Instructional Faculty
April Elliott apelliot@calpoly.edu GRC Instructional Faculty
Kate Murphy ksmurphy@calpoly.edu HIST Department Chair
Margaret Bodemer mbodemer@calpoly.edu HIST Instructional Faculty
Sarah Bridger sbridger@calpoly.edu HIST Instructional Faculty
Jason Linn jalinn@calpoly.edu HIST Instructional Faculty
Cassandra Sherburne cssherbu@calpoly.edu JOUR Admin Support Coordinator
Jean Williams jemwilli@calpoly.edu POLS Instructional Faculty
Elizabeth Lowham elowham@calpoly.edu POLS Department Chair
Kelly Bennion kbennion@calpoly.edu PSY/CD Instructional Faculty
Lisa Sweatt lsweatt@calpoly.edu PSY/CD Instructional Faculty
Gary Laver glaver@calpoly.edu PSY/CD Instructional Faculty
Amber Williams awill138@calpoly.edu PSY/CD Instructional Faculty
Jennifer Teramoto Pedrotti jpedrott@calpoly.edu PSY/CD Instructional Faculty
Karin Hendricks khendr04@calpoly.edu THDA Instructional Faculty
Liz Johnston lbjohnst@calpoly.edu SS Instructional Faculty
Sara Lopus slopus@calpoly.edu SS Instructional Faculty
Kayley Weldon kweldon@calpoly.edu WGS Admin Support Coordinator
Jane Lehr jlehr@calpoly.edu WGS Department Chair
Elizabeth Adan eadan@calpoly.edu WGS Instructional Faculty
Nicole Rivera nriver10@calpoly.edu Interdisciplinary Studies Admin Support Coordinator
Nancy Rucci nrucci@calpoly.edu WLC Instructional Faculty
Teresiana Matarrese tmatarre@calpoly.edu WLC Instructional Faculty
Karen Christian kschrist@calpoly.edu WLC Instructional Faculty
Joan  Meyers jomeyers@calpoly.edu SS Instructional Faculty


name email affiliation title
Carol Janssen cjanssen@calpoly.edu BUS Instructional Faculty
Justin Gomez ngomez13@calpoly.edu Undergrad Services Academic Advisor & Success Coach
Yovani Alexander ylalexan@calpoly.edu Undergrad Services


Katelyn O'Brien kobrie13@calpoly.edu Undergrad Services Assistant Director of Student Services
Kyle J. Hofer- Mora  kjhofer@calpoly.edu Graduate Programs Director, Business Analytics Graduate Programs


name email affiliation title
Kevin  Taylor jktaylor@calpoly.edu SOE Director
Alice Tomasini atomasin@calpoly.edu SOE Lecturer
Briana Ronan bronan@calpoly.edu SOE Instructional Faculty
Virginia McMunn vmcmunn@calpoly.edu SOE Assessment Coordinator
Tiffany Kwapnoski tkwapnos@calpoly.edu Advising Center Academic and Pre-Health Advisor
Meghan Farrier-Nolan mfarrier@calpoly.edu Advising Center Advisor
Elena Keeling ekeeling@calpoly.edu BIO Instructional Faculty
Christy Strand cstrand@calpoly.edu BIO Instructional Faculty
Candace Winstead cwinstea@calpoly.edu BIO Instructional Faculty
Julia Harencar jharenca@calpoly.edu BIO Instructional Faculty
Grace Goschke ggoschke@calpoly.edu BIO Instructional Faculty
Sandi Clement slclemen@calpoly.edu BIO Instructional Faculty
Jenny Cruz  jmcruz@calpoly.edu CESAME Admin Support Coordinator
Erica Garcia egarc150@calpoly.edu CESAME LSAMP/VISTA Administrative Support Coordinator
Matthew Zoerb mzoerb@calpoly.edu CHEM Instructional Faculty
Chris Dettmar cdettmar@calpoly.edu CHEM Instructional Faculty
Nisa Morey nsatumti@calpoly.edu CHEM Instructional Faculty
Jay Erker erker@calpoly.edu CHEM Instructional Faculty
Eric Jones ejones21@calpoly.edu CHEM Instructional Faculty
Jen Retsek jretsek@calpoly.edu CHEM Instructional Faculty
Retsek Scott gscott02@calpoly.edu CHEM Instructional Faculty
Randon Walker rwalke08@calpoly.edu CHEM Instructional Faculty
Michele Zoff mzoff@calpoly.edu CHEM Instructional Support Tech
Andrea Laubscher alaubsch@calpoly.edu CHEM Instructional Support Tech
Dean Wendt dwendt@calpoly.edu Dean's Office Dean
Ashley  Leforge aleforge@calpoly.edu Dean's Office Admin Support
Phil Bailey pbailey@calpoly.edu Dean's Office Director of Frost Endowment
Ryan Lau rmlau@calpoly.edu Dean's Office Dean-Admin Analyst/Specialist
Julia Jones jjone104@calpoly.edu KINE Admin Support Coordinator
Anne Marie Bergen ambergen@calpoly.edu LS Department Chair
Laura Wilson lwilso14@calpoly.edu MATH Academic Advisor
Charles Camp dsmitche@calpoly.edu MATH Instructional Faculty
David Mitchell dsmitche@calpoly.edu PHYS Instructional Faculty
Stephanie Wissel swissel@calpoly.edu PHYS Instructional Faculty
Stamatis Vokos svokos@calpoly.edu PHYS Instructional Faculty
Colleen Marlow camarlow@calpoly.edu PHYS Instructional Faculty
Gary Hughes gbhughes@calpoly.edu STAT Instructional Faculty
Matt Carlton mcarlton@calpoly.edu STAT Instructional Faculty
Andrew Schaffner aschaffn@calpoly.edu STAT Instructional Faculty
Katharina  Gillen kgillen@calpoly.edu PHYS Instructional Faculty
Andrew  Byrne anbryne@calpoly.edu SOE Instructional Faculty


Name Email Position
Keegan  Kobrel kkoberl@calpoly.edu Communications Specialist

Research and Economic Development

Sponsored Programs

name email title
Natalie Schaefer njschaef@calpoly.edu Executive Director of Strategic Development Initiatives
Allie Walter abwalter@calpoly.edu Administrative Support Coordinator
Meredith  Rubin mgrubin@calpoly.edu Center for Health Research Behavioral Interventionist
Michael  Eberhard eberhard@calpoly.edu Coordinator of National Network for Peer Accountability
Alec Lotstein aleclotstein@gmail.com Contact Connections Coordinator
Mallory  Paschich mallory.paschich@gmail.com AmeriCorps VIP Fellow

Office of the President


name email title
Patricia Ponce pponce@calpoly.edu Ombuds

University Development

name email title
Eileen Vavra eovavra@calpoly.edu

Development Writer

Administration and Finance

 Commercial Services

Name email affiliation
Melissa  Burns mburns03@calpoly.edu Campus Dining PCV

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