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 Dream Center - History




The Dream Center at Cal Poly was established in 2017 as a result of momentous advocacy and collaboration from allies and students throughout the campus. Conversations began in 2014 as undocumented students began vocalizing their needs for undocu-friendly resources on campus. The UndocuAlly Working Group (previously called the Undocumented Student Working Group) was established in November 2015 and trained by Dr. Elena Macías, former Special Assistant to the President: Government, Legislative, Community Relations at CSU Long Beach.

In June 2016, the UndocuAlly Working Group became a part of the Office of University Diversity and Inclusivity. The initial focus of the group was to bring staff, faculty, administrators, and students together in efforts to create change by institutionalizing the support of the personal and professional development of undocumented students. Together, student advocates and the Working Group built momentum which resulted in the establishment of the Dream Center in April of 2017.



After the opening of the Dream Center, as well as the hiring of the Dream Center Coordinator in 2017, the working group began to shift its primary focus to allyship in 2018 as a continuing effort to create an UndocuFriendly Cal Poly. The inaugural coordinator focused on creating a safe and inclusive space for all undocumented students on campus. Some of the new initiatives included: Monarch Commencement, drop in services, and DACA application support. In Fall 2018, the UndocuAlly Working Group became part of Cal Poly's Dream Center. 



The Dream Center continues to establish and grow its presence on campus and has built a robust network of allies and drop in hours to serve students in multiple aspects including academics, financial aid, mental health, career and professional development, and community building. 

Present day, the center offers the following resources for students:

  • Immigration Services
  • Career and Professional Development Workshops (for both DACA/non-DACA recipients)
  • Faculty Connections
  • Academic Support
  • Financial Aid Support 
  • Counseling Drop In Sessions
  • Community Gatherings and Dream Circles
  • Undocu-Issues Dialogue Series
  • Ally Trainings
  • Graduate School Information
  • Monarch Commencement

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