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The Dream Center was built on the foundational values of activism, community, education, and empowerment. We aspire to construct an equitable space on campus that continuously uplifts, empowers, and defends the undocumented student voices at Cal Poly. As such, we are committed to establishing resources and programming that promotes the academic, professional, and personal development and success of all undocumented students, mixed status families, and allies at Cal Poly.


  1. Activism: The Dream Center, a student and ally initiated effort, values and recognizes activism as a foundation and catalyst to the establishment of the center. Our programing center movements and leaders that have historically challenged unequal systems and advocated for historically underrepresented communities, including our undocumented community.
  2. Community: We believe community transcends nationality and citizenship. Our community is a space where students are affirmed, defended, and supported. Our community encompasses staff, students, and supporters aspiring towards collectively building a space for all.
  3. Empowerment: The Dream Center is a space where we encourage growth, reflection, and curiosity. We promote student success by ensuring our programming allows students to gain confidence in navigating the campus, knowledge of resources, and opportunities to engage in dialogue.
  4. Education: The Dream Center builds campus-wide trainings and educational resources to increase awareness and understanding of immigrations issues. We recognize the importance of facilitating interpersonal dialogue and building bridges for communication across campus.

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