Dream Center


The Dream Center that Cal Poly has opened up for the Dreamers makes me feel that the school cares about our situation. It's a great place to meet other students that are in the same situation as you; letting you know you aren't alone. The Dream Center offers great information and resources that will help Dreamers succeed while at Cal Poly.The Dream Center is a place I go every day to work on homework, to seek support, to relax and at times take naps. It's also a place where I was able to make friends with other dreamers. I am a returning transfer student and have the Dream Center has made the transition a smooth process for me." "The Dream Center is a good place to find support and resources to achieve academic and personal success. I am really happy that Cal Poly has provided this place for undocumented students where we can feel safe and encouraged." - Psychology Major/Environmental Studies Minor, Class of 2020"The Dream Center has impacted my life by providing me with all the resources I need to be successful at Cal Poly. In the Dream Center, I am able to study, take a break, and meet other Dreamers. It is definitely a safe space to find community." - Animal Science, Class of 2020"Through the Dream Center, I have found the resources and support I needed to succeed at Cal Poly. The DC provides internship, scholarship referral, and financial aid information as well as a safe space to build community. Without the DC, I would not have known of all the opportunities available to me as a first-year undocumented student." - Civil Engineering, Class of 2021"The Dream Center as allowed me to connect with other students who share the same culture as me. I do not have to worry about trying to fit in with the majority. I can be myself without any worries." - Business Administration, Class of 2021The Dream Center is like a second home to me since I am able to meet and connect with other students that have the same goal as me. It is a place that has a lot of academic resources such as free use of the comuters and also it is a great place for studying. I am able to relax and take study breaks and talk to other Dreamers and students." - Business Administration, Class of 2021

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